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We are able to assist our patients with a myriad of skin-related treatments including skin cancers (trained in the Mohs method), suspicious or cosmetically displeasing moles, removal of cysts, keloids, acne, skin tags, cryosurgery, and scar revisions.

Minimally Invasive Cancer Removal (MOHS)

Our doctors are fellowship-trained in the most modern and cutting edge cancer removal surgery, known as Mohs surgery. This micrographic surgery confirms and treats skin cancer, same day–because your peace of mind can’t wait. It provides the least amount of trauma to the skin, which also means the least amount of risk. Without the need to take large margins and wait days for answers like traditional skin cancer removal methods, this surgery will give you quick, reliable results without intensive damage. This method of skin cancer removal has the highest cure rate possible.


Procedure time:
Varies depending on size of area being treated.
Patient will need to refrain from intense physical activity for a week, while sutures are kept dry and in place.

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