What to Expect at Your Mohs Surgery Appointment

February 23, 2021

What to Expect at Your Mohs Surgery Appointment

As with anything in life, the fear of the unknown can sometimes get the best of us—especially when it has to do with our health. That’s why at Ocean’s Dermatology, our fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons aim to be as transparent and compassionate as possible during your treatment for skin cancer. Part of easing the fear of the unknown is relentless transparency, which our dermatologists aim to provide at every appointment! If you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer, which is very common in an area like Boynton Beach, you’re not alone and our team is going to lead you to the healthiest version of yourself with Mohs surgery. The first step to easing fear and embracing health is understanding the process and what you can expect at your Mohs surgery appointment. So, let’s break it down together!

Mohs Surgery Day in Boynton Beach: Step One

If you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer and you have decided with your dermatologist that Mohs surgery is right for you, you’ll be set up with an appointment for surgery. Mohs surgery is a non-invasive, inpatient procedure that will have you back to your schedule in only minutes or hours, not days. Upon arrival for your Mohs surgery, our team will check you in as they would with any standard dermatology appointment with health questions and vital checks. From there, they can answer any of your questions before the procedure begins. 

Remember, our Boynton Beach dermatologist’s main goal is to ensure your confidence and comfort for a seamless Mohs surgery appointment.

Mohs Surgery Day in Boynton Beach: Step Two

After you are comfortable and ready to begin, our fellowship-trained dermatologists and their team will prep the affected area for the procedure. This may include cleaning and sanitization of the area, circling the area with a marker, and/or taking photos. Then, you will be administered a local anesthetic that will numb the area almost immediately, so the procedure may begin. 

Mohs Surgery Day in Boynton Beach: Step Three

After the area is sufficiently numb—we want this to be a totally pain-free procedure remember—the dermatologist will remove the first layer of the tissue affected by skin cancer. Typically, this takes only a few moments. Then, our laboratory team and dermatologist will analyze the tissue sample in-house to determine if all the cancerous cells were removed or if another layer needs to be taken off. This process will continue until the dermatologist is certain that all the cancerous cells have been removed. The analysis of each sample can take approximately an hour or two, so come prepared with your favorite book or a good podcast to listen to to pass the time as required. 

Mohs Surgery Day in Boynton Beach: Step Four

After the skin cancer is completely removed, we’ll discuss repair options that can include allowing the skin to heal on its own by “secondary intent” or adding some sutures. Each case is different but we always go the extra step to ensure the best possible cosmetic and functional outcomes.

That’s it! After the procedure has been completed our team will review with you post-op recovery tips and wound care. Our goal is to ensure that the scarring is minimal to non-existent and if followed our tips will make sure that happens. It’s nothing crazy, simply skipping your workouts for a few days and keeping the wound clean, but each case is different and our dermatologists will make sure you are well cared for after surgery, every time.

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