Top Facial Rejuvenation Treatments to Start the New Year Fresh

February 23, 2021

Top Facial Rejuvenation Treatments to Start the New Year Fresh

After a year like 2020 we have all aged a little bit more quickly than usual. You’re not alone if you look in the mirror and notice new wrinkles or feel like your skin’s dewy vibrance has lost its sheen. But the good news is at Ocean’s Dermatology in Boynton Beach, we are prepared to revive and refresh your appearance for an invigorating boost to the new year. Because we all deserve a fresh start, right? 

Here are our top three facial rejuvenation treatments that will help you approach the new year with unrivaled confidence and restored spirits.

Rid Yourself of Stress Lines & Wrinkles with Botox 

We all found ourselves squinting at screens more often than ever before in 2020 and we also likely endured an unparalleled level of stress. Stress lines are a real thing! Often stress lines appear on your forehead or around your eyes and no matter how much you slather on that anti-aging cream, they are not going to disappear. That’s where Botox comes in! With a few simple Botox injections, you can rid yourself of the physical reminders that 2020 may have left behind. In this instance, Botox is more effective than fillers because it will temporarily stop the muscles in your face from contracting which is exactly what causes those stubborn stress lines and wrinkles. 

Hydrate & Restore Your Skin’s Youthful Glow with Chemical Peels

Many of us missed months of pampering during quarantine and spent more time outdoors than ever before exposing our skin to the elements, so it’s time to make up for that! Chemical peels are a relaxing and comfortable way to remove layers of dead skin that may be causing a dull appearance. Think of it as a medical-grade exfoliation treatment that reveals a smoother, dewier complexion in moments. So not only are you restoring vibrance, but you’re also ridding your skin of smaller new wrinkles and potential uneven pigmentation as well. 

Revel in Facial Rejuvenation & Regain Self-Confidence with Fillers

As we get older, each year we notice our skin and facial muscles losing a little elasticity, the bags under our eyes start to become hollow—the list goes on. That’s where dermal fillers can help. Fillers are injectables that use materials like hyaluronic acid to plump and shape those areas on your face where you’re experiencing the effects of aging. It’s a way to enhance your appearance and contour to highlight your most beautiful natural features.

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If you’re ready to finally shed 2020 for good, starting with facial rejuvenation treatments is the perfect option to enter this new year confident and refreshed. Our skilled Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida dermatologists will consult with you to determine which treatment regimen may be most fitting for your cosmetic goals. Simply call 561-405-3000 to make your appointment today!

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