Top 7 Lip Filler FAQs Answered by Boynton Beach Cosmetic Dermatologists 

February 23, 2021

Top 7 Lip Filler FAQs Answered by Boynton Beach Cosmetic Dermatologists 

If you’ve been browsing Instagram recently noticing all those luscious lips on celebrities and wondering how they do it, we have the answer—lip fillers. For so many people, your smile is your first impression, and that first impression is only enhanced with big, bold, beautiful lips! This is why lip fillers are becoming so popular with all demographics in Boynton Beach and beyond. 

Since we’re getting so many lip filler first timers recently, we wanted to answer some FAQs our cosmetic dermatologists get often about this magical cosmetic procedure that can truly transform your look in minutes! 

Are lip fillers safe? 

Yes! The lip fillers we use are FDA-approved and this is a treatment we administer literally every single day to many locals in Boynton Beach looking for those perfectly luscious lips! The key to keeping it as safe as possible is seeing board-certified cosmetic dermatologists like our staff.

How do lip fillers work?

Lip fillers are an injectable cosmetic dermatology treatment that utilizes materials like hyaluronic acid to plump lips and hold water in the area injected to create a more defined appearance. Results are almost instant!

How long does lip filler last? 

Standard lip fillers last up to six months typically. So bi-annual appointments are key to making sure your lips maintain your new, beauteous look!

Are lip fillers painful?

Just as going to the dentist for a cavity, it’s very easy to numb the area so you don’t feel a thing. We can put a topical numbing cream on, as well as administer anesthetics to numb your lips for the procedure.

Do I have to have lip filler in both lips, can I do just one?

You absolutely don’t have to do both lips! The point of lip fillers is to create an appearance you love, so if you think your top lip is bigger than your bottom and want to even them out, you can just do injections in the bottom lip. We’ll work with you to craft a perfect plan for your ideal look.

Do lip fillers take a long time to recover from?

Many refer to lip fillers as a “lunchtime treatment”, meaning that it’s super quick and can be done in a jiffy, allowing you to return to your normal life in less than an hour. You may experience slight swelling and redness which is normal, and we recommend that you avoid things like alcohol, exercise, or touching your lips for a bit. But in general, recovery is quick and painless. We’ll give you the full rundown of what to do and not do before your lip filler appointment!

What if I hate the way the lip filler looks?

The good news is, since lip fillers are hyaluronic acid-based, the effects can be reversed with a simple shot that dissolves the acid, returning your lips to their previous state. But we promise that our board-certified dermatologists know how to make your lips look perfectly plump every time, you’re going to love your new look!

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