Step-by-Step Guide to Chemical Peels in Boynton Beach

February 23, 2021

Step-by-Step Guide to Chemical Peels in Boynton Beach

When we tell people that we recommend a chemical peel to get rid of a few sunspots or smooth out those new wrinkles, some people tense up. They hear the word chemical and freak out. But we promise you there is no need to fret! Chemical peels are super common, simple, pain-free, and a stellar treatment option for rejuvenating your face when it needs a little TLC. We like to refer to them as medical-grade facials. In order to give you a little peace of mind, we’re going to break down step-by-step what you’ll experience during a chemical peel treatment at a cosmetic dermatologist like Ocean’s Dermatology in Boynton Beach!

Talk About Your Options

Not all chemical peels are created equal! Before getting a chemical peel, we’ll typically request that you meet with one of our Ocean’s Dermatology cosmetic dermatologists for a quick consultation. We’ll discuss what features you’re looking to perfect or smooth out, talk about any medications you may be taking, and do a quick skin exam to ensure you’re a good candidate for a chemical peel. Chemical peels come with different depth options—superficial, medium, or deep. This means treatment plans will vary from person to person to suit each unique complexion!

Treatment Prep

Once you’ve worked with one of our certified cosmetic dermatologists for your treatment plan, you’ll schedule your chemical peel appointment! About a week or two prior to your peel your dermatologist will instruct you which products you can and can’t use to prepare your skin for the chemical peel. Typically, you’re asked to avoid products with ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which you find in acne cleansers or medications. You may also be asked to avoid creams and scrubs as well. It’s nothing crazy, and it’ll ensure your chemical peel is effective and flawless!

Treatment Day

You’ve made it to treatment day! You’ll check-in as you would any other appointment and our staff will be ready to greet you. Once in the treatment room, the dermatologist will prep your skin with a cleanser and ensure that all hair is moved out of the way. Then, they’ll utilize a chemical solution for the peel! They’ll massage it on, and it’ll feel just like a facial. After the solution has sat for a predetermined amount of time, the dermatologist will remove the chemical peel. To finish, they’ll apply a cooling gel or ice compress, apply some lotion and that’s it. Simple and quick—the entire procedure typically takes less than an hour!

Post-Treatment Recovery

Recovery from a chemical peel will typically take up to a week. You may experience some discomfort and peeling but applying moisturizer and avoiding exposure to the sun will help. So, don’t plan a chemical peel before a big boat outing or beach day!

Schedule Your Boynton Beach Chemical Peel Consultation Today

If you’d like to learn more about how skin peels can transform the appearance of your skin, we’d love to see you at Ocean’s Dermatology! Our certified cosmetic dermatologists in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida are experts in rejuvenating skin of all ages with chemical peel treatments. Get in touch today to schedule your chemical peel consultation!

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