How to Firm Up Your Perfect Beach Body Outside the Gym 

February 23, 2021

How to Firm Up Your Perfect Beach Body Outside the Gym 

Most of us exercise to feel good, but also to look good, right? Unfortunately, as we age, those problem spots start to get a little more troublesome and difficult to work off. That’s why at Ocean’s Dermatology in Boynton Beach we’re excited to announce the addition of EmSculpt to our repertoire of gym-free, non-invasive body contouring treatment technologies!

Why Go to a Dermatologist for Body Contouring

Many Boynton Beach natives know to come to Ocean’s Dermatology for routine treatments like Botox or their annual skin exam. 

But what most don’t know is that our board-certified cosmetic dermatologists can do so much more to rejuvenate youthful appearances and help you regain your confidence! 

One way we do this is through body contouring treatments. 

Body contouring is essentially targeting those pesky problem spots where you can’t get rid of the cellulite or that little extra bulge that all the barre classes can’t rid you of! The reason most come to cosmetic dermatologists vs. plastic surgeons for problem areas is because our treatments are non-invasive which means zero surgery. They require minimal, if any, downtime, meaning you can readily get back to your life and avoid lengthy recovery like you would need from a surgery. Now, our results are just as effective and impressive, so for many coming to their dermatologist for body contouring is a no-brainer! 

Now, we’ve talked about our injectable body contouring options like Kybella before, but our newest addition, EmSculpt, is totally different. Let’s talk about how it differs…

All About EmSculpt for Targeted Fat Loss

We’re super excited to introduce FDA-approved EmScuplt technology to our Boynton Beach dermatology patients. This state-of-the-art body contouring treatment is administered through a device that is comfortably strapped to your problem spots to deliver high-frequency electromagnetic pulses. Those pulses activate muscle contractions that burn fat and develop muscle instantaneously. The frequencies cause your muscles to contract up to 25,000 times in just a half hour. Pretty sure even Olympic athletes can’t do that many crunches in 30-minutes, making it an unparalleled body sculpting method! 

Typically, a few 30-minute appointments are included in one treatment regimen with results popping up within a few months. As long as you maintain your relatively healthy lifestyle and don’t skip the gym for good, your results will last for years to come! It’s an investment in yourself that you deserve to make this year.

Schedule Your Body Contouring Appointment at Ocean’s Dermatology Today!

If you’re ready to tone up those trouble spots with no surgery or crazy diets, it’s time to make your appointment at Ocean’s Dermatology in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida! We can’t wait to meet you and share the incredible features of EMSculpt technology with you. See you soon!

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